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The Parent Agent: How to represent your child and get them into the college of their choice


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Every parent has an 'Aha!' moment as they raise children. Mine came when I thought of what I had done, in the life of each child, to get them into college. As I reviewed everything that had to happen to help them get accepted into their preferred institutions of higher learning, I realized something important. I had become an agent. Now let me explain what that means. Agents exist in big dollar competitive industries to get the best deals for their clients. In sports, an agent negotiates with team owners to get the most money for a player. Agents who represent actors or directors want their clients to have the biggest and best-paying projects. Good agents find great opportunities and then make sure their clients receive them. The transition from high school to college is not something that can be made with a light-hearted approach. This book will serve as your guide on the journey to get your child accepted and settled into the college of their choice. The Parent Agent covers everything you and your child need to do from 9th grade to college acceptance and beyond. Stay prepared with timelines, important dates, exams, fairs/tours, funding, applications and other resources that make this often daunting process easier. Beyond helping you set goals and providing strategies to achieve them, you will uncover a lot of joy as you find ways to unlock secrets about your child's personality that will ultimately make them something more than a successful college student.